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Hi everyone welcome to my profile.

2008-08-06 23:26:06 by DarkInk

I'm here to throw out some real time action filled animations,i sure wouldnt minds suggestions or fresh ideas that were never really used. I have alot of free time on my hands and i want to make something verycontributive to this site,i already have a animation in the works,boy these things take awhile, but in the end its all good.I knew this site for a very long time,since like 2001 or something, i use to be on this site like crazy, i soon came back on this other name,but now it sounds unproffesional.So now im DarkInk.I think im a fair judge when it comes to reviews,i won't be really harsh unlesss someone threw a 1 min piece of crap on here wasting the reviewers time,i will review only what needs to be done and thats about it.

Hi everyone welcome to my profile.


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2008-08-06 23:36:16

That's a lot of different things to talk about on one post. And what is that picture supposed to be? I can't tell.

(Updated ) DarkInk responds:

its a gas mask or the one at bottom,bottom its a ink effect,hence my name, im working on new avatar.And yes it was alot let me put in seperate posts.


2008-08-06 23:45:18

Hello. Welcome to Newgrounds!

DarkInk responds:

hello, i been here alot, but needed new name because old one was unprofessional