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What movies i've seen in theaters and want to see.

2008-08-07 13:38:47 by DarkInk

So far i've seen Dark knight for my birthday which was on the 21st of last month.what a cool 10/10 movie,idk why people are complaining about his voice ntot hat bad ,always have to find some fault in a movie.Haven't really seen anything else,yet i plan to see pineapple express looks pretty cool.

I also have netflix,so the movies i missed in theatres are being sent to me, i seen the movie 21 lastnight, not bad at all, i was waiting for the point where kevin spacey turned evil,and what a nice twist at the end.

other movies i have seen on Netflix
-Disturbia(not as i expected,clever commercials)
-Cloverfield(bad camera at party, i really liked it)
-28 Weeks Later(stupid how the virus came back,fav.ppl died)
-Vantage Point(Not bad didnt like how matthew fox turned on us)
-See NO Evil(Worst movie i've ever seen,i would not recommend)
-The Condemned(The best WWE movie i've seen so far even better than the Marine)
-Dead Silence(Also not like i suspected horrible ending)
-Shooter(Great movie nice plo,Bob Lee Swagger is beast)
-Next(Great movie,still wonder how it all goes down)
-Deja Vu(Good movie nice twists and turns i recommend)
-American Gangster(I really enjoyed this,no Boring moments)
-HotFuzz(To be comedians they took this kinda serious,some good)
-War(nice fighting,a twist too much,enjoyable)
-No Country for Old men(Nice plot hated how the main guy died,bad guy gets away lol)
-30 Days of night(a good horror movie,but nothing scares me)
-We Own The Night(Not as i expected,stupid plot,phoenix cleft was in way too much)
-Premonition(COnfusing yet good,wasnt really for me for a family member)

And thats about it for now folks.

What movies i've seen in theaters and want to see.


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