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2008-09-05 15:03:25 by DarkInk

Dad showed up on last monday outta nowhere talking about going to Florida to work, i was in complete awe,because i was suppose to go school shopping also,well i went ,sister had showed to take me,but we was down the street,it was a nice trip.Many truck stops and w.e.,watched a dozen of movies again,and had to stop at the lady house again from the georgia trip since we had a chair and a stand to give her.Once to florida there was so many trees and stuff i couldnt believe it,once we made it into the nice sweet house the lady and her daughter were so nice,the daughter gave us drinks,pizza,hotdogs,goldfish,and whatever,while me and one of my nephew and laws picked up this dresser like 40-50yrs old like a airloom,he turned it over too fast,and the top flew open almost breaking it,the lady went drastic screaming at him to put it down,because i got off it real fast after what happened lol.STAY TUNED FOR PART2 im tired of typing.


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