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2008-10-01 17:56:26 by DarkInk



2008-09-05 15:03:25 by DarkInk

Dad showed up on last monday outta nowhere talking about going to Florida to work, i was in complete awe,because i was suppose to go school shopping also,well i went ,sister had showed to take me,but we was down the street,it was a nice trip.Many truck stops and w.e.,watched a dozen of movies again,and had to stop at the lady house again from the georgia trip since we had a chair and a stand to give her.Once to florida there was so many trees and stuff i couldnt believe it,once we made it into the nice sweet house the lady and her daughter were so nice,the daughter gave us drinks,pizza,hotdogs,goldfish,and whatever,while me and one of my nephew and laws picked up this dresser like 40-50yrs old like a airloom,he turned it over too fast,and the top flew open almost breaking it,the lady went drastic screaming at him to put it down,because i got off it real fast after what happened lol.STAY TUNED FOR PART2 im tired of typing.


2008-08-15 13:48:40 by DarkInk

well the trip to georgia was quite nice,road on a tractor trailer,went to alot of pit stops and worked my 455 off,then had to stay in georgia to store the rest of the lady's stuff in storage,but that moved pretty fast,we went to walmart alot and w.e got a few shirts.And i watched so many freaking movies.that was about it,got back home around 11 some last night.

What movies i've seen in theaters and want to see.

2008-08-07 13:38:47 by DarkInk

So far i've seen Dark knight for my birthday which was on the 21st of last month.what a cool 10/10 movie,idk why people are complaining about his voice ntot hat bad ,always have to find some fault in a movie.Haven't really seen anything else,yet i plan to see pineapple express looks pretty cool.

I also have netflix,so the movies i missed in theatres are being sent to me, i seen the movie 21 lastnight, not bad at all, i was waiting for the point where kevin spacey turned evil,and what a nice twist at the end.

other movies i have seen on Netflix
-Disturbia(not as i expected,clever commercials)
-Cloverfield(bad camera at party, i really liked it)
-28 Weeks Later(stupid how the virus came back,fav.ppl died)
-Vantage Point(Not bad didnt like how matthew fox turned on us)
-See NO Evil(Worst movie i've ever seen,i would not recommend)
-The Condemned(The best WWE movie i've seen so far even better than the Marine)
-Dead Silence(Also not like i suspected horrible ending)
-Shooter(Great movie nice plo,Bob Lee Swagger is beast)
-Next(Great movie,still wonder how it all goes down)
-Deja Vu(Good movie nice twists and turns i recommend)
-American Gangster(I really enjoyed this,no Boring moments)
-HotFuzz(To be comedians they took this kinda serious,some good)
-War(nice fighting,a twist too much,enjoyable)
-No Country for Old men(Nice plot hated how the main guy died,bad guy gets away lol)
-30 Days of night(a good horror movie,but nothing scares me)
-We Own The Night(Not as i expected,stupid plot,phoenix cleft was in way too much)
-Premonition(COnfusing yet good,wasnt really for me for a family member)

And thats about it for now folks.

What movies i've seen in theaters and want to see.

new job needed

2008-08-07 13:05:56 by DarkInk

im also looking for a job at the moment will probaly work for my dad its about 70+dollars a day moving furniture and whatever ,but its fast money all you need is strength and smartness.i Applied for walmart and ukrops , yet no response, a five guys place opened up down the street and is hiring,the owner likes me already for bringing my mom and one of my sis there.I'll find something out there

Hi everyone welcome to my profile.

2008-08-06 23:26:06 by DarkInk

I'm here to throw out some real time action filled animations,i sure wouldnt minds suggestions or fresh ideas that were never really used. I have alot of free time on my hands and i want to make something verycontributive to this site,i already have a animation in the works,boy these things take awhile, but in the end its all good.I knew this site for a very long time,since like 2001 or something, i use to be on this site like crazy, i soon came back on this other name,but now it sounds unproffesional.So now im DarkInk.I think im a fair judge when it comes to reviews,i won't be really harsh unlesss someone threw a 1 min piece of crap on here wasting the reviewers time,i will review only what needs to be done and thats about it.

Hi everyone welcome to my profile.